IRBpro Report Specialist Certification Offered through Inspector Nation

IRBpro Software Features

IRBpro Software offers a report building experience unlike any other software on the market, allowing you to deliver a Professional Grade Report from Day 1.  This relies on the core features that are entirely unique to IRBpro, as a product designed by home inspectors for home inspectors.  This allows you to enter descriptions and defects the way a home inspector wants to, and not how a programmer thinks you should.  


The first key feature of IRBpro Software is the Add an Area Feature, which is an IRBpro exclusive.  The Add an Area feature revolutionizes the way that you write a report, and truly makes this a Report Building Software.  You are no longer bound by templates, and are provided with the freedom to customize your report based on the house.  No matter how you customize, you will still receive the same structured report that realtors have grown to value highly.  

Add an Area Feature

The 2-Click system allows you click once to select the section of the home you are inspecting and click a second time to Add an Area.  Transforming a defect into a comment is just as easy.  Click once to add a comment, and click a second time to add a photo.

Step 1 of our 2-Click System to Adding Photos into a Comment

The most popular feature of IRBpro is the built-in DDID library.  IRBpro Software is the only Report Software on the Market to feature a Built-In DDID library.  The DDID library is expertly written and contains a statement to meet any need you may have in the field.  The library is constantly being updated, and you can request a new statement at any time.  As you continue to use the software, use the Build a DDID feature to develop your own DDIDs and manage them in the library.

Navigating the Built-In DDID Library During Report Writing

IRBpro Software manages all the Areas that you have created during your inspection, and maintains a summary page for you to keep track of each area.  You can choose to include this page in your final report, or opt to not include it in the PDF print-out.  You are able to mark each area as "Inspected" or "Not Inspected" as you create them, but this summary page also allows you to quickly view all areas and select whether or not you were able to inspect the area properly.

Inspection Confirmation Summary Page

The newest feature to the IRBpro Software family is the addition of the IRBpro Companion Application for iOS (iPhone and iPad).  This app is downloaded from the Apple App Store and is used to start your inspection in the field.  You can add areas, create comments, and insert photos just like on IRBpro Desktop.  When you are ready to transition to your Desktop Computer to finish your report, you can export your inspection directly to IRBpro Desktop.  

IRBpro Software Companion App

One of the best features about working with IRBpro Software is that you gain access to the IRBpro Inspector Portal, which contains Online Video Help, FAQ, and a Download/Update page.  The Inspector Portal also contains a Bulletin Board to keep you up to date with new and upcoming releases.

IRBpro Inspector Portal